Granny Elli’s Doily Bag

Hello there! It’s been a while. I’ve been up to a lot lately crochet-wise, a commission being one of the things I’m working on. It seems that being summer and a hot one, hasn’t helped much, but here I am with a new idea about how to use your Granny Elli’s Doily. How about making a bag?

Granny Elli's Doily Bag
Granny Elli’s Doily Bag

This is not going to be a pattern for the Granny Elli’s Doily Bag, just a few guidelines, as it is more or less easy to understand. Mind you, there are some sewing skills involved, which I honestly don’t possess, so here are my heartfelt thanks to my mom for doing all the hard work of the lining.

So, what is needed in order to make this bag. You’ll need to crochet two same-size doilies (you don’t have to use the same colour on both doilies, why not play around?). In order to do this you’ll have to use the same weight of yarn and the same number of hook. Once you have your two identical doilies you’ll have to crochet a handle. This will also serve as the bottom and sides of the bag. That’s why it has to be long.

I crocheted many rows of trebles (UK terms) and I decided to make each row a wide one, as I wanted to line that part as well. Each row I crocheted had 20 trebles. I measured the handle to be sewn up to the part of the two top opposite points of the star inside the doily. That leaves one point of the star free, pointing upwards.

For the lining of the bag we used an old scrap fabric, cut in a polygon shape (two pieces, one for each doily). My mom did all the crazy geometric work, as I am totally helpless when it comes to shapes and such. We also cut a long piece of fabric and she lined the handle, by folding it in half widthways. This way it is super strong and there’s no way the bag is going to stretch down to my knees when I wear it.

As for the assembling of the bag, I wanted to leave the fringe free as an embellishment and I think it works nicely. What you can’t notice in the photo (because I stuffed the bag to look ace for the shooting), is that the top part drops outwards. It’s only natural, as it is not attached anywhere. It kinda serves as a lid, though, which is useful, as we didn’t put a zipper on, only a clasp.

That’s all, folks, hope you’ll like it. If you make the Granny Elli’s Doily Bag and post it on Instagram don’t forget to tag me @eliso._ and use the hashtags #grannyellisdoily and #grannyellisdoilybag.

Please keep in mind that this pattern cannot be sold, shared with other makers or used for a YouTube or photo tutorial without my permission! You can sell the finished item made from this pattern under the condition that it is handmade by yourself and you give credit to me, Eliso Logotheti, as the designer. Thank you.


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