Santa Honey

Hello dear friends! Here is Santa Honey, my gift to you for the holidays! It’s a free amigurumi pattern for the 5th day of the #adventcal2020 , the festive project organized by @iwannabehara on Instagram. Santa Honey is inspired by Marilyn Monroe: if you google “Marilyn Monroe Christmas song” you will probably get as a result the song Santa Baby. Which is a mistake, because it’s actually Ertha Kitt the one who’s singing it. However, most people confuse Ertha with Marilyn here, as the voice does sound like hers! Here are the lyrics with the reference to Santa Honey:

“Santa honey, I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot
Been an angel all year…”

I’m pretty sure you’ve all been angels this year, because there weren’t many opportunities to be anything else, to be honest, so here’s Santa Honey’s free amigurumi pattern! Enjoy!

** Edited to add that the pattern is in UK terms.

Don’t forget to tag me @meandmygrannies and use #adventcal2020, so I can see your Santa Honey! Make sure you follow all the designers and the hashtag #adventcal2020 so you can find all the free crochet patterns.

Happy crocheting and happy holidays!


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