Sunshine Hairband Free Pattern

Sunshine Hairband in the colour Root Beer (Scheepjes Catona)

Hello dear friends! I come here today to present to you the free mini pattern Sunshine Hairband. Is it too hot where you are? Are you drained from 1,5 year of pandemic? Would you like to destash and buy new yarn, because that’s the only thing that makes you smile? Look no further! The Sunshine Hairband is a quick, simple, light pattern that will keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed.You will need less than 50gr of yarn and in only a couple of hours you’ll have a cute summery hairband and a calmer soul.

Sunshine Hairband in the colour Old Rose (Scheepjes Catona)

Here’s what you’ll need to make the Sunshine Hairband.


DK weight cotton yarn

Hook #3,5

Stitch markers

Yarn needle


Abbreviations (UK terms):

ch: chain

st: stitch

sk: skip

sp: space

tr: treble

bo: bobble

F.O.: fasten off


Ch2 in the beginning of row counts as st.

Ch3 stands as ch2+1sp.

Gauge is not important for this project.

Finished size: approx. 90cm.


R1: ch174, tr in the 2nd ch from the hook, to the end, turn (173),

R2: ch3, sk1, tr, [ch1, sk1, tr]x85, turn (173),

R3: ch2, tr in the 1st sp, [tr in next st, tr in next sp] to the end, turn (173),

R4: ch2, 2tr, bo, [3tr, bo]x42, tr on the last st of previous row, turn (173),

R5: ch2, tr to the end, turn (173),

R6: ch3, sk1, tr [ch1, sk1, tr]x85, turn (173),

R7: ch2, tr in the 1st sp, [tr in next st, tr in next sp] to the end, turn (173),

F.O., sew in all yarn ends.

This is me, wearing a white Sunshine Hairband.

Enjoy your new Sunshine Hairband!

I will love to see what colours you’ll choose for your hairbands. Share your finished projects with the hashtag #sunshinehairband and, please, tag me @meandmygrannies

Please keep in mind that this pattern cannot be sold, shared with other makers or used for a YouTube or photo tutorial without my permission! You can sell the finished item made from this pattern under the condition that it is handmade by yourself and you give credit to me, Eliso Logotheti, as the designer. Thank you.


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